The Team

Increased confidence, having more fun with your dog, lowering stress, solving problems, and learning new skills – are just a few examples of how working with Luke’s Dog School will benefit you.


Why choose Luke’s Dog School?

Our mission is to help you to get the best out of your dog.

Training your dog shouldn’t be seen as a boring part of dog ownership, but rather a fun activity to be doing together.

Helping Luke’s Dog School run smoothly are our fabulous dog trainers and class assistants. We can’t wait to meet you!

Luke Balsam

Luke Balsam – Founder & Head Trainer – APDT 01406 – IMDT – ABTC – PPG

Luke has been working professionally with dogs since 2015.

Specialising in city dog training, Luke has developed a unique set of skills to help dogs and their owners cope in such a busy and bustling area.

Luke has also spent years working in animal-assisted therapy where he trained volunteers to take their pet dogs into hospitals and care homes.

Luke’s work has been recognised by the National Office of Animal Health, Animal Hero Awards –finalist, Animal Star Awards – finalist and judge.

Featured in; The BBC, The Sunday Times, London Live, Dogs Today, K9 Magazine, Dogs Monthly, The Dodo, Good Deed News and various local and national newspapers.

Luke now shares his life with his wife Lara, daughter Arabella and Indie, their working cocker spaniel.



Jack has been a dog enthusiast since childhood, even before his family’s first puppy! He has owned several over the years and currently cares for Mia; his big, boisterous Dobermann.

He studied theatre and performance at university, and now puts those collaborative and communication skills to great use with owners and dogs alike!

Jack continues to learn and be fascinated by canine psychology and development and hopes one day to rehabilitate larger breeds to work on screen and stage.

Jack is currently studying with IMDT and the School of Canine Science.


Dog Training Assistant

Susanna enjoys good food and experimenting with different recipes and has a general interest in health and well-being. She loves being outdoors – walking, hiking, cycling, picnics – any excuse, any weather, but especially when the sun is shining.

Her happy place is in the woods. This led to wanting a companion on her walks and getting her first dog. But before taking this step, she would ‘borrow’ her neighbours’ dogs to go walking or jogging and sometimes they would come to stay with her when their owners went on holiday.

She got Rory, a little Cavachon, as a 9 week old puppy. He is very small with a huge personality and makes everyone smile. She quickly realised the importance of training in order to have the best relationship together and how she could incorporate fun and games into the training for a happy and stimulated dog.

Susanna can’t imagine her life without a dog in it now and has developed a real love of dogs and a passion for training.


Dog Training Assistant

Rina is a class assistant for Luke’s Dog School. Her hobbies include baking, country walks and of course, she love dogs!

Since owning her own dog, she realised the joy of being an owner but also the need for good training and so she is committed to helping guide owners with training their dogs with LDS to give them the best possible outcome.


Dog Training Assistant

Sabrina has always been a dog lover and had them when she was growing up! She is now a dog walker and sitter (as well as an actor).

After graduating from Drama School in 2021 she began by working at a doggy day care, then left in 2022 to start her own walking and sitting business. She is fully insured for walking and sitting, canine first aid trained and has experience with a lot of different breeds from the daycare as well as her own business.

She then started training with the IMDT to become a dog trainer and is waiting to do her assessment soon. She has been assisting at training classes Dogworthy in West London since April and now is assisting at Luke’s Dog School.

She has always been fascinated by animal behaviour and is passionate about helping owners and their dogs. Sabrina is looking forward to focusing on training more and delving deeper into the dog training world!”


Dog Training Assistant

Emma is truly addicted to dogs, specifically Spitz or double coated breeds!

Currently living in London with her Japanese Spitz dog Koda, he sparked the lifelong addiction 8 years ago.

Emma began by volunteering with Dog charities & running events then in 2018 helped found the Japanese Spitz London group, which now provides education, meetups, walks and community events to over 250 members.

With a history in the Pet Industry, she brings a wealth of specialist knowledge in Pet insurance, showing & now grooming.

Dog groomer by day, dog trainer by night! She’s currently working towards her dog trainer accreditation & hopes she can one day apply that wealth of knowledge to training dogs.