Super charge your dogs training journey

Walk and Train

We do the training for you

Here’s how it works


Sign up for the weekly Walk and Train programme and get given a regular day and time.


Have your first session with one of our trainers where we will create a training plan and teach you the new skills we will be training.


Now our trainer comes every week to work with your dog (could be inside or outside depending on training requirements, you could even drop them off at your local park if appropriate).


The trainer will send you updates via WhatsApp after each session.


You send the trainer updates via WhatsApp of the work you are doing with your dog to get feedback and to help set up the content of the next session.

All this for only £199 a month!

Don’t sit back and hope things get better, take action and make them better.

Professional dog train and walk service in North London

Sound familiar?

Struggling to find time to train?

Overwhelmed with the training needs of you dog?

Want to enhance your training with a professional?

Physically struggling with some of the training?

Fear not, we are hear to help!

Our Walk and Train programme is designed to help you ensure you keep on track with your dogs training and have the best life possible together.

Walk and Train Service will help with

Less stress with your dogs behaviour

Feeling more confident with your dog

You and your dog able to do more things together

Understand your dogs need

Bring more structure into your dogs life

Luke's Dog School Walk and train service North London

Who is the Walk and Train service for?

What we can work on?

New puppy/rescue settling in

General puppy issues like toilet training / biting / crate training

Confidence building - general objects, being handled/groomed

Lead Walk Training

Calling the dog back

Dog socialisation

Increased focus when out and about

Settling when out

Trick Training

Jumping Up

and much more.......

What we can’t work on?

Aggressive behaviour

Resource Guarding

Separation Anxiety

Reactivity towards humans

Reactivity towards dogs

Territorial behaviour

Meet your trainer

Junior Trainer: Aimee

The Walk & Train Service is available:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays at
8am / 9.30am / 11am / 12.30pm / 2pm

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Walk and Train FAQ

Where does the training take place?

The 1-2-1 training sessions will take place where we think is best, this could be your home, garden, local streets or local parks.

Do you cover my area?

Please see below for a map showing the areas we cover for face-to-face 1-2-1s. If we don’t cover your area we are able to meet up in a park in the areas we do cover; or we offer online training sessions, which have received great feedback. If in doubt, please get in touch.

We also work with people online all around the world.

How much is it?

All our prices are listed on the website, we don’t have any hidden charges.

Do I need to be involved in the training?
Absolutely, although we are helping you do the training, we still expect you to take an interest and practise the exercises during the week.
Do I give you a key?
No, we do not take or hold keys, someone will need to give us access at pick up and drop off.
Can I come with?

No, the efficiency of these sessions is because we are managing and working with your dog, they may get distracted with you there and or want to get back to you.

If you want to work directly with us we suggest looking at the 1-2-1 dog training package.

Is the Walk and Train refundable?
No, the Walk and Train is non-refundable, but you can cancel the subscription any time.
What happens when I book?

We will create a WhatsApp group with your trainer straight away, then contact you to book the sessions in.

When do you train?

Training predominantly takes place during the daytime on weekdays but we will always try to be flexible where possible.

How long will I have to wait?

The WhatsApp support starts straight away, so there is no waiting to get help, you can then be working on training and updating us before we come and see you.

When can I start training?

Now! Don’t wait for some magical date, dogs are always learning and the sooner we start the sooner you will get on the right track.

Do they travel in a vehicle?
No, we do not transport animals, if you want us to train them in the park you will need to drop them off there and pick them up.
What if the weather is bad?
We will always turn up, but we may do the training in your home if either that is what needs improving or it is not safe to work outside.
Is my dog to young/old?
No, we work with puppies all the way up to seniors, sessions can be indoors and outdoors, great for all ages.