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Trick training classes

Yes, you have done it! 

You have just entered the world of trick training.


Quality trick training classes in North London

Trick training classes North London

We offer a calm and relaxed group training environment, where from the moment your dog walks through that door the excitement starts.

Our high-quality training classes maximise learning and enjoyment.

They are a fantastic way to exercise your dog, increase your bond and have fun at the same time.

We include real-life training applications and of course, you’ll be able to do a bit of showing off to your friends!

During this course we will go through a variety of tricks and give you the tools to be able to teach your dog even more at home. Here are some examples of what we might cover:

How to lure your dog and get them to follow your hand

Spin / Twist around in a circle

Middle - sit in between your legs (works great as a recall/protection)

Roll over (great to get them to stretch)

Leg weaving (both human and dog working in unison)

Target training (works the brain)

Go around an object (good one for exercising)

Bow (another one for stretching)

Sit pretty (builds up core muscles)

well structured and planned classes

“Our 14 month old cockapoo loved the challenges and we really enjoyed learning how to work with him.

The tricks repertoire built up really well – with Luke combining revision and consolidation with new tricks each week.

It was really interesting also to learn how each trick can be extended and made more difficult and challenging once the basic trick is learned.

Luke is very clear and thorough in his methods and as a retired teacher myself, I can vouch for how well structured and planned the classes are.
The follow up material is similarly well organised and useful.

We finished with Teddy able to do a really good routine of tricks, but with lots of scope and ideas to develop them further.

We can highly recommend Luke and his classes and are booking scent training classes in the New Year. ”

– Madeleine and Jonathan with Teddy

Trick Training Classes FAQ

Why Luke's Dog School?

We have small classes – a maximum of 6 pups, are fully qualified and come vet recommended.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

We don’t ask to see proof of vaccinations to attend our classes, but we do ask that they are fit and healthy, and it is in your interest to have them protected against any common diseases that the dog population in their area may have.

How many dogs do you have per class?

We have up to 6 dogs per class to ensure you get the attention you need.

Is my dog too young or too old?

The puppy class is 6 months & younger, the teenage class is 7 – 18 months & all other classes and workshops are for all ages.

My dog is quite nervous/scared, would classes help?

If your dog is not completely comfortable around strangers or other dogs then it is best to contact us first to discuss this.

Do you cover my area?

The great thing about classes is that you come to us, so as long as you are happy to come, we are happy to have you.

How much is it?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for class prices.

Do I need to be involved in the training?

Absolutely, we work with you and coach you to train your dog, so when you leave you can dive straight in and keep the training going.

Where does the training take place?

The classes take place in various venues and addresses, plus a link to a google map can be found on each class page and our contact page.

How do I book and then what happens?

You can see and book for all our available classes through our website under the class/workshop page. Once you have booked and paid you will receive a welcome email with all the details for that specific class.

When are the classes?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for class times available

How long will I have to wait?

We try to run classes as often as possible so that you never have to wait that long before starting.

Can I bring my family/friends?

It is very important that everyone is consistent with your dog’s training, and that is why we allow up to three people per dog to the class.

What if I miss a session or my dog is ill or on heat?

It is very important if your dog is unwell or on heat that you don’t bring them to class, because they may make other dogs ill and they will not be in good condition for learning. You are still welcome to attend to listen and see what we are doing. We also email notes after every session so you can continue the training at home; where the results are made.

Are the classes refundable?

No, the classes are non-refundable.

Luke’s Dog School trick training classes in:

Highgate (N6) and Totteridge (N20).

    build a better relationship with my dog

    “I have worked with Luke one-to-one since Otis was a puppy and more recently Otis attended his tricks training class, where Luke was able to differentiate and adapt the way of teaching the tricks to suit my large breed, energetic, adolescent dog.

    As a first time dog owner, in need of guidance and support, I had tried other dog trainers who were disappointing and expensive for what they offered.

    I am very thankful to have found Luke. He has been brilliant in helping me to understand, train and build a better relationship with my dog.”

    Book Highgate

    The Scout Hut (Opposite Aylmer Court)
    Sheldon Avenue
    Highgate, London
    N6 4ND

    Book Totteridge

    Totteridge Village Hall
    36 Badgers Croft
    N20 8AH