for the terrible teens

Teenage dog classes (7 – 24 months old)

Do you have a teenage pup and want to start your training?
Did you do some early training, but want a refresher?
Teenage dog driving you mad and wondering about where all the training went?


Real life classes for teenage dogs in North London

Teenage dog training classes Totteridge N20 and Highgate N6
We offer real life training classes in real environments, which deal with real situations that may occur when you are out and about with your dog.

Get training notes and videos the week before the class, so you can practise the techniques. Then when you turn up we can fine tune what you have been doing and apply it to the real world.

If you don’t do the work you will not see the results.

No church halls with slippery floors or overcrowded classes in small spaces where your dog acts differently than the real world.

Yes we do train in all weathers, there is no wrong weather just wrong clothing.

We are here to guide you and you teenage through learning vital early-stage skills, to set you up for a great life together. Here is a list of just some of the things we will look to cover:

How to relax and settle in different environments

Go to a place and stay till released

Lead walking and handling skills

Coming back when called, even when playing

Not jumping up when someone is saying hello

Learn about dog body language

Handling and grooming

Drop and leave training

Hand touch and Middle positions

Learn the power of play with your dog

Teaching how to retrieve an item

our dog gained confidence and understanding

“We found the class to be nice and relaxed.  Luke and his assistants were attentive to all of the dogs and owners and noticed if you required a little more help with something specific.

Luke’s instructions were clear and straightforward to follow, he was always on hand should you need him to explain further.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 6 weeks of classes, which were very informative,

Our dog also had a great time and gained in confidence and understanding of what was being asked of him.  “

Teenage Classes FAQ

Why Luke's Dog School?
 Small classes, qualified trainers and vet recommended
Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

We don’t ask to see proof of vaccinations to attend our classes, but we do ask that they are fit and healthy, and it is in your interest to have them protected against any common diseases that the dog population in their area may have.

How many dogs do you have per class?

We have up to 6 dogs per class to ensure you get the attention you need.

Is my dog too young or too old?

The puppy class is 6 months & younger, the teenage class is 7 – 24 months & all other classes and workshops are for all ages.

My dog is quite nervous/scared, would classes help?

If your dog is not completely comfortable around strangers or other dogs then it is best to contact us first to discuss this.

Do you cover my area?

The great thing about classes is that you come to us, so as long as you are happy to come, we are happy to have you.

How much is it?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for class prices.

Do I need to be involved in the training?

Absolutely, we work with you and coach you to train your dog, so when you leave you can dive straight in and keep the training going.

Where does the training take place?
The classes take place in different venues, all information is below by booking.
How do I book and then what happens?

You can see and book for all our available classes through our website under the class/workshop page. Once you have booked and paid you will receive a welcome email with all the details for that specific class.

When are the classes?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for class times available

How long will I have to wait?

We try to run classes as often as possible so that you never have to wait that long before starting.

Can I bring my family/friends?

It is very important that everyone is consistent with your dog’s training, and that is why we allow up to three people per dog to the class.

What if I miss a session or my dog is ill or on heat?

It is very important if your dog is unwell or on heat that you don’t bring them to class, because they may make other dogs ill and they will not be in good condition for learning. You are still welcome to attend to listen and see what we are doing. We also email notes after every session so you can continue the training at home; where the results are made.

Are the classes refundable?

No, the classes are non-refundable.

Luke’s Dog School teenage dog training classes in real life location across North London

    lukes dog school teenage dog training classes
    teenage dog training classes totteridge
    teenage dog training classes highgate

    Priceless information , Logan is a new dog

    “Luke’s Dog School is fantastic!

    Our rescue dog attended the Teenage Training classes (a 6 week course) and had a great time.

    Myself and my partner, alongside our 11 month old rescue pup, Logan, learnt a hell of a lot during the classes.

    The amount of information and knowledge passed on from Luke and his team during and after the sessions were priceless. Logan is a new dog after everything we’ve learnt.

    We also had a one-2-one session with Luke to help with Logan’s fear of people entering our house. He would growl and bark at anyone who was near the front door let alone being comfortable with anyone coming into our home…

    Fast forward a month and with Luke’s guidance, we can now finally have visitors over with a nice calm and relaxed dog… We’re over the moon!

    The change in behaviour and comfort in Logan is amazing and we can’t thank Luke and his team enough for all the help.

    So overall – we highly recommend Luke’s Dog School for any of your doggie needs!!”

    – Mit with Logan

    Meet your trainers

    Trainer: Jack

    Highgate & Woodside Park

    Assistant: Rina

    Woodside Park

    Assistant: Selena

    Woodside Park

    Assistant: Rachel


    Teenage Class



    Highgate Primary School, Storey Road, North Hill, London, N6 4ED.

    The meeting point is the main double gate on Storey Road.

    We have use of the outdoor playground and a large indoor room. We will always try to be outside so please dress appropriately for the weather.

    Teenage Class

    Woodside Park


    Frith Manor Primary School, Lullington Garth, Woodside Park, London, N12 7BN.

    We have use of the large outdoor playground, enclosed grass field and indoor room.

    We will always try to be outside so please come dressed appropriately for the weather.

    Are the classes full?

    See our other classes and workshops