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Luke’s Dog School Training Club

Welcome to the club!

Here at Luke’s Dog School we are all about the training, and now you can join us every week and be part of the club.

Introducing the LDS Club!

Luke's Dog School Training Club
Struggling to maintain your training?

Could do with some professional feedback?

Looking for a group of like-minded dog owners?

Curious about trying novel activities, like scent work, trick training and sports with your dog?

Introducing the LDS Club!

Regular Monday night training in North London

Working towards your training goals, could be lead walking, recall, focus around distractions

Developing games and sports together like retrieving, beginner or advanced tricks

Join a group of like minded individuals with a love of dogs

Build your relationship and have fun together

Become a member of the club for only £79 a month!

For this you get your weekly training slot and access to our exclusive members WhatsApp group where we keep the training conversation and support going.

Venue Location

The London Equestrian Centre
Lullington Garth
Woodside Park
N12 7BP

Covered Space



Soft sandy surface

The meeting point

Facing the school, go down the right-hand side and you will find a car park.

Then there is a gate to the playground and we walk through there into the field at the end.

Here’s how it works

If you haven’t trained with us before please fill out our contact form.

Trained with us before?

Then see the two options below:

Set up a monthly subscription to reserve your space
Only £79 a month
Save more than 10% than PAYG

Pay as you go
£20 a session
Book up to 25 sessions


Why Luke's Dog School?
 Small classes, qualified trainers and vet recommended
Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

We don’t ask to see proof of vaccinations to attend our classes, but we do ask that they are fit and healthy, and it is in your interest to have them protected against any common diseases that the dog population in their area may have.

How many dogs are in each club time slot?
6 dogs and their humans
Is my dog too young or too old?
LDS Club is great for all ages above 6 months.
My dog is quite nervous/scared, would LDS Club help?

If your dog is not completely comfortable around strangers or other dogs then it is best to contact us first to discuss this.

Do you cover my area?

The great thing about LDS Club is that you come to us, so as long as you are happy to come, we are happy to have you.

How much is it?
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the price.
Do I need to be involved in the LDS Club?

Absolutely, we work with you and coach you to train your dog, so when you leave you can dive straight in and keep the training going.

Where and when does the LDS Club take place?

The LDS Club takes place at The London Equestrian Centre, Lullington Garth, Woodside Park, London, N12 7BP

Can I bring anyone with me?
We welcome a maximum of two people to come along with each dog.
Is the LDS Club refundable?

The monthly payments made are non-refundable, but you can stop your subscription whenever you like.