Welcome to the

LDS Club

Introducing the LDS Club!

Weekly training slots across North London

Who is LDS club for?

People who want to:

    1. Increase their dogs confidence
    2. Improve their dogs socialisation
    3. Build their dogs focus arounds distractions
    4. Meet like minded people and train together
    5. Commit to training their dog to see results
    6. Train in real life situations
Luke's Dog School Training Club

Become a member of the club for only £64 a month!

That is less than £15 a session & 25% cheaper then booking them ad-hoc

Reserve a weekly training slot from the options below

Public locations

Friday 9.15am – Highgate Woods (N10 3JB)

Private locations

Best slots for nervous dogs

Saturday 11.30am – Frith Manor Primary School (N12 7BN)

Sunday 11.30am – Highgate Primary School (N6 4DR)


Book Ad-Hoc LDS Club Sessions

Choose when you want to come for as little as £20 a session

If you haven’t trained with us before please fill out our contact form.

Or book a call with our Head Trainer (Luke)

Meet your trainer

Trainer: Jack


Why Luke's Dog School?
 Small classes, qualified trainers and vet recommended
Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

We don’t ask to see proof of vaccinations to attend our classes, but we do ask that they are fit and healthy, and it is in your interest to have them protected against any common diseases that the dog population in their area may have.

How many dogs are in each club time slot?

Up to 4 dogs in the public locations and 6 dogs in the private locations

Is my dog too young or too old?

Suitable for dogs of any age

My dog is quite nervous/scared, would LDS Club help?

If your dog is not completely comfortable around strangers or other dogs then it is best to contact us first to discuss this.

Do you cover my area?

The great thing about LDS Club is that you come to us, so as long as you are happy to come, we are happy to have you.

How much is it?

All our prices are listed above

Do I need to be involved in the LDS Club?

Absolutely, we work with you and coach you to train your dog, so when you leave you can dive straight in and keep the training going.

Where and when does the LDS Club take place?

All details are listed above

Can I bring anyone with me?

Up to two people per dog in the public locations and three people in the private locations

Is the LDS Club refundable?

The monthly payments made are non-refundable, but you can stop your subscription whenever you like.

What about bad weather?

If we deem the weather to be too hazardous then we will revert to online. The sessions will always go ahead offline or online